Make sure you check your inbox for your Email id verification after registration. You will get your E-Summit ID after payment of your registration fee (details of which can be found in the "Registration Guidelines" tab below).

*Please give unique email-id for each of the attendees you pay for, as an unique E-Summit ID will be generated for an unique email id.

**Offline registration starts at 8 AM on 28 January,2017 at IIT Bombay.

Want to register as:

What are the different categories for registration?


Individuals who are not college students and wish to attend the E-Summit.
Separate badges will be provided and they will get special benefits in networking and events.
Early bird fee of INR 900/- is applicable only till 1st January, 2017. After that fee of INR 1200/- will be applicable.


Individual – If you want to attend E-Summit as an individual and not as a part of college contingent, please register under this category. Fee is INR 350/-.
If you are an IIT Bombay student, you don't have to pay to attend E-Summit. Please carry your ID card at all the time during E-Summit.

Contingent – If you want to represent your college in E-Summit, you can form a contingent. In case, a contingent has already registered from your college, you can’t form a new contingent. You have to join that. Only one contingent from one college is allowed. Fee is INR 250/- per member.

Remember that if your college fails to have 7 members till 27th January 2017 as contingent members, your contingent will be cancelled and you will have to pay INR 150/- more to come as an individual.

For more information about contingent, please go to contingent details or else click here

For any queries, contact:

Anup Pattnaik
Mobile: +91-9439705771
Rajas Pawar
Mobile: +91-9892832441
Ojaswa Garg
Mobile: +91-9167851832

A contingent is a team of students (at least 7) from the same college, attending The Entrepreneurship Summit. They would be representing their college at all the events of E-Summit, 2017.

If you are planning to attend The Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, please go through the following document carefully to know why you should come in a contingent and ensure that you do not miss out on anything .

Purchase the exclusive T-Shirt of E-Summit.
Buy now and get 25% off.
You will get the T-Shirt during E-Summit 2017.

For any queries, contact:

Rajas Pawar
Mobile: +91-9892832441

Accommodation is currently closed. Register to get notification mail after the registration for accommodation opens.

For any issues regarding accommodation please contact any one of the following:

Jainam Shah
Mobile: +91-8454895508
Narender Choudhary
Mobile: +91-7738719684


*Accommodation is only for students.

*Girls will get accommodation inside the institute.

1. Those carrying their laptops, CPU or similar electronic gadgets will have to declare their belongings at the main gate of IIT Bombay and get a 'Gate Pass'. Your belongings will be checked on your way out of IIT Bombay and those who fail to produce their Gate Pass may have their belongings impounded.

2. We shall provide you with mattresses and buckets. However, you are encouraged to carry your own blankets since it might be a little cold at night.

3. At the time of check-out the participants are required to return all the commodities provided to them to the organisers.

4. Random checks would be made to avoid any illegal stay at the campus. Any team failing to produce their receipts of accommodation would be heavily fined and disqualified.

5. Entry will be only through the 'Main Gate' of IIT Bombay, all other gates will be closed for entry.

6. All student participants must carry their valid College photo ID card. Others must bring their valid photo identity for the purpose of entry. People without valid photo identity card will not be allowed inside the campus during E-Summit 2016-17.

7. Alcohol, drugs, sharp objects and explosives of any kind are strictly prohibited inside the campus. Any other item if deemed unsafe will be prohibited. The decision of Security and E-Cell team will be final in case of any disputes.

8. No outside vehicles will be allowed into the campus during the E-Summit 2016-17.

9. E-Cell and IIT Bombay will not be responsible for any mishaps that occur through the duration of stay for E-Summit 2016-17.

10. All those who does not have accommodation inside the campus, will not be allowed to stay in the campus after 10pm.

Hope to see you here at E-Summit 2016-17. We will be more than happy to receive your suggestions and queries.

What is the payment procedure?

The payment can be made online or at the time you come to IIT Bombay, but you will have to pay an extra INR 100/- for on venue registration. Though it is preferred that you pay the registration and accommodation charges online as there are limited seats and accommodations.

What are the charges?

Registration charges are listed under registration guidelines tab. The accommodation charges and other necessary details regarding the accommodation are available under the tab Accommodation.

Is there any charge for the workshops/panel discussions/competitions/speaker sessions etc. at E-Summit?

No, there are no charges for those if you have registered for E-Summit. All events are free.

What are the necessary documents that I am supposed to bring?

For students who have not applied for accommodation, Just the college identity card would do. If you have applied for accommodation, failing to bring any of the documents may lead to cancellation of your accommodation. The documents are: Gate Pass for the electronic gadgets you are carrying like laptops, camera, etc. Accommodation Payment Receipt received after paying online. Accommodation Confirmation mail from Townsript.

Can I enter IIT-B campus anytime?

Students who have been provided accommodation can enter IIT Main gate anytime by showing valid photo ID proof during 8 AM to 9:30 PM. However, people without accommodation should leave campus by 10 PM.

Do we get any food facilities at accommodation places?

You would be given complementary food coupons worth INR 200 when you reach the campus (Only if you pay for accommodation online). Apart from these, you can purchase food from our Food Court in the IITB campus.

Will all the team members be given accommodation at the same place?

Outstation participants who have registered or paid for accommodation are requested to report to the accommodation desk/ online registration desk where the required formalities involving checking of documents, allotment of rooms will be done.

Shall I carry my ID card with me?

It is mandatory for all participants to carry college IDs. This is for your own convenience. Moreover you will be asked to produce your college ID cards at the time of registration at the campus.

What kind of accommodation is provided?

Accommodation is provided on a shared basis. We have hostel rooms and flats for accommodation. Mattresses and other essential commodities will be provided. Girls and boys will be provided separate accommodation.

What about the canteen?

For our guests and participants we have a Food Court serving a variety of cuisines satisfying the needs of every palate.

What about medical facilities?

There is an institute Hospital located near the Canara Bank. In case you fall ill, you are advised to report to us at registration desk. We shall make appropriate arrangements for you to be treated at the Institute hospital.

What about the security facilities?

IIT Bombay campus has a vigilant and round-the-clock security service. To ensure the safety of the participants, there will be additional security guards in hostels in order to avoid thefts and other mishaps. Although E-Cell team will not take responsibility of any theft or other mishaps. So participants are requested to take care of their luggage and valuable items.

Is there an ATM inside the campus?

There are SBI and Canara Bank ATMs inside the campus. There is also an ICICI Bank ATM just outside the campus.

Is there any internal transport in the campus?

Internal transport will be available at reasonable rates. Also auto rickshaws are usually available in the campus. Personal Vehicles are NOT allowed in the campus.

Do the accommodation charges include food facilities too?

No, the accommodation charges do not include food facilities. As mentioned, every participant who has paid for accommodation online would get breakfast as well as complimentary food coupons worth INR 200 (When they reach the campus). Participantscan also purchase their meals from our food court inside the campus.

Where will I get my accommodation?

You will get accommodation inside the campus on a first-come-first-serve basis depending upon availability .In case too many requests for accommodation, we will try to provide you accommodation outside the campus (the rates will be different for that). However,we will try to provide accommodation to all the girls inside the IIT-B campus on a priority basis.

One of our team members who had been provided accommodation is unable to come so can we replace him with our other team member?

Yes, but the person coming should have all the documents that the other member was supposed to have and the person should be of the same college.

In case of any query, drop a mail to or please contact:

Jainam Shah
Mobile: +91-8454895508
Narender Choudhary
Mobile: +91-7738719684


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