Let's face it – Getting financial backing is difficult. For most, it's not a pleasant experience. We are trying to revolutionize this by exposing you to panelists who might back you with INR 1.5 Million in just 10 Minutes!

Come and Catch the event live on 31st Jan at Entrepreneurship Summit-2016.

E-Cell, IIT Bombay

The Entrepreneurship Cell is a non-profit organization run by the students of IIT Bombay that aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit of young students. We at E-Cell host various workshops, speaker sessions, innovative games and competitions for aspiring entrepreneurs all throughout the year and support them by providing necessary resources such as mentorship, consultancy, networking and angel support.

The Investor Panel

“Having an angel to watch over you is cool! But do you know what’s really cool? An angel with money!”

More investors to be added shortly

Ajeet Khurana
Consultant, Angel Investors
An entrepreneur-turned angel investor, a mentor and THE GUY to get your business off ground
Anupam Mittal
Founder & CEO
People Group
Kunal Shah
Founder & CEO,
Taha Nabee
Vice President, Sales & Distribution
Aromatan Cosmetics
Devesh Chawla
Founder and CEO
Chatur Ideas
VC Karthic
Buzzworks Business Services
Angel Investor
Multiple media experience across the spectrum including radio, print, television and the web
Samir Shah
Founder Director,
Sattva Asia Opportunities Fund
Angel Investor
Sanjay Mehta
Angel and PE Investor, Director
Core Media Group
Anand Ladsariya
Founder ,
Everest Flavour
Angel Investor
Suketu Shah
Mukand Ltd
Manish Gandhi
COO, Director
Asian Business Exhibitions & Conferences Ltd.
Angel Investor
Suneel Bandhu
Tata Teleservices Ltd.
Vikram Chachra
Founding Partner
Eight Innovate
Bharat Banka

Sterlite Technologies Limited
Miten Mehta
Entrepreneur and Investor
Social Impact Ventures
Srinivasan Swamy

CFO Bridge

More investors to be added shortly


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On-spot Funding

5-minute pitch + 5-minute Q&A is all it takes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the eligibility criteria?

Any startup willing to raise INR 15 lakh is eligible. Nascent stage startups would be given preference.

2) Are the startups mainly from IIT-Bombay?

No. The 10-Minute Million is not limited to student ventures, let alone IIT Bombay. Startups from all over the country have applied.

3) Something important

The amount of INR 15 Lakh need not necessarily come from a single panelist. Multiple panelists may pool up to a total of 15 Lakh, which is a great additional incentive for startups.

4) What's the guarantee that the panelists will financially back the ventures?

Absolutely none. This is more of a entrepreneur – expert connection event. Panelists may choose to back none, any, or all ventures.

5) What is the objective of this event?

The key objective of this event is to provide a platform for fabulous entrepreneurs and experts. Even if there is no financial transaction involved, we will strive to fulfill the objective.

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